Suite Vs. Corridor

When it comes to comparing the different styles of freshman housing on campus, it is important to keep in mind that there are both positive and negative sides to each.  What one person finds negative about one, may be seen as a positive to you.  Personally, I live in a suite style dorm (Beautiful BENEDICT).  I have three roommates in my suite.  One I requested after having chatted via Facebook for a few months and the other two were randoms.  Over the course of the year I have found that having three roommates is great!  It has allowed me to make many friends and for the most part we all get along quite well.  I would much rather have multiple roommates than just one.  I have also enjoyed having the common room space in my suite and our own bathroom.  Downsides to living in the suite styled dorms though would be that there is only one washer and dryer per hall.  At times this can make getting laundry done a bit difficult.  There is only one kitchen for the entire building and these dorms are located farther from the academic buildings than the corridor style ones.  Corridor style dorms have multiple washers and dryers per hallway and a kitchen on each floor of the building.  However, they are located farther away from both Trax and Harrison Dining Hall, which are your only options for dining on campus each weekend.  Just because you live in a suite does not mean you will miss out on having an active hallway and the typical college dorm experiences.  It genuinely will depend on your Resident Assistant and the people who are placed in your hall.  I’d recommend keeping an open mind no matter where you are placed next year!  Each of my suitemates and myself requested corridor style dorms but have thoroughly enjoyed living here in Benedict.  So much so that I will be living here again next year as a Resident Assistant!

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