The Semester Continues!

So, the semester continues! It is after spring break, and it is truly feeling like summer out there now. There are people constantly playing volleyball outside my dorm, and to be honest I would rather be out there instead of doing calculus homework. But, persistence, consistence, and hard work pay off so that is what I am going to do. Before break I took all of my mid-terms, and when I got my mid-term grades, let’s just say that there are areas that wouldn’t hurt a little improvement. So, I am back from spring break refreshed and relaxed and I am ready for all the extra work that I need to do to keep my grades where they need to be. Sure this means a little less socializing, but it is for the best. Making priorities is important in college, and also is time management. Hey, planner doesn’t hurt either. I find that with a planner I personally feel better when I start crossing things off my list of stuff to do for the day. That way when I am done with everything I don’t have to feel guilty about hanging out with my friends or catching up with my TV shows. It is a nice feeling when you have everything that you need to do finished, and I am intending on enjoying that feeling more and more as the semester continues.

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