The Perks of Club Hoppin’

I’ve stated in a previous post that freshmen should join everything because its a good way to meet people and professors as well as a good indicator of potential career areas in the future. I have found through student ambassador and peer mentor that I want to work in a setting where I am able to work with a lot of people daily and help them whether it is with personal issues or adjusting to college. It was not always that clear for me. Since my freshman year, I had no idea what clubs to join or what major to decide on. I joined the equestrian club, BTV, Psych Club, and the Runners Club; I applied to be a student ambassador and peer mentor; signed up for various intramural sports. As you can tell, some of these clubs are polar opposites from each other; that was my strategy to figuring out my niche. My next step was weeding out the ones that clashed with my schedule and I did not see future benefits or enjoyment by remaining a member.

Now I am a student ambassador, peer mentor, video blogger, psychology research assistant, psych club member, and participating in numerous of intramural sports. If I didn’t go club hopping, I would not have found the other clubs. Sometimes by going to other clubs, you hear about new clubs you may want to join!  Not only did I find a more specific area of interest for future career paths, but I have met a lot of cool people! 

These are my fellow vlogers (minus Brad) Image


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