Living on Campus

So you’re moving to college… How do you prepare? What do you bring? What do you do when you get there? Well to start, breathe! Everyone is in the same boat. The Res Halls at Brockport are great because they offer plenty of choices. As an incoming Freshman, you can choose a corridor style or suite style for your dorm. In the corridor style, you and one roommate would share a bathroom and lounge with the rest of your floor. In a suite style, you and your one roommate and two suitemates (4 people in 2 bedrooms) will share a private bathroom and common room in your suite. Not only does Brockport offer newly renovated corridor style halls, you also have the chance to live in what we call a Living Learning Community. These are communities right within your hall. Each community has its own set of goals and programming designed to meet those goals. If you choose to live in a Living Learning community, you would be living with other students who are passionate about the same things you are. Some examples of the communities include Recreation & Fitness, Math & Science, Future Health Professionals, Teachers of Tomorrow, and many more. You can look at all the communities on Brockport’s Residential Life webpage, including the two new communities for Honors students and those exploring majors!

Once you know your housing assignment, the fun begins! Make a list of everything you think you’ll need to live on your own. Personally, I HATE packing, but this packing is different and more exciting. Don’t be nervous about bringing too much, but remember that come break, you can always bring more things from home once you know what it’s like after being there for a little while. Since I always tend to forget things, I’m one of the most loyal customers to the Super Wal-Mart in town. But when the first break comes, I can bring another load of clothes or whatever it might be back with me. Be sure to bring plenty of hoodies for those days you want to be cozy. Also, movies and popcorn make for a great night in. Be sure to contact your roommate and see if you can split some things up so you won’t have two of everything, like fridges or microwaves.

Make sure you visit the Survival Guide on Residential Life’s Webpage at Look over everything for Incoming Student Information under the On Campus Housing Tab. It gives you a list of things to bring… so helpful!!

Move-in day is so exciting but it can be pretty overwhelming. The best thing to do when you check in is to go right to your room and plan out how it will be arranged, because once your things are moved in, it can be tricky to move everything around. Brockport has the BEST system for move-in day. You’ll check in with the RA staff and someone will unload your vehicle AND carry your things in. It’s so fast and easy!


Enjoy the process, you can do this!

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