Row Your Boat

It’s quite the rainy day here at Brockport…yet again.  You can be rest assured that rain is guaranteed just about weekly here on campus. But don’t let that scare you away! The rain is nothing a good pair of boots can’t handle.  I’d also recommend an umbrella.  Be careful though.  You may have to do some puddle jumping on your way to class.  Or you can use a row boat and paddle your way across campus! Today Emily and I enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Jitterbugs Café.  We celebrated my 100th Tweet and also did some video shooting.  If you are ever in need of a quick coffee, a yummy smoothie, or just want a change from the dining halls, Jitterbugs is the place to go.  You can use your dining dollars when making a purchase.  Dining dollars come with each meal plan here on campus.  It never seems to be too busy and many students like to use the tables to study at while they enjoy a bite to eat.  Located right in the Seymour College Union, Jitterbugs is convenient and tasty.  It’s only one puddle jump away! Enjoy.

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