There are a few words that come to mind when people talk about college students and one of them isbroke. For most students, that is definitely true. There are plenty of jobs students can apply for on campus to earn some extra cash. At Brockport, we have jobshop. Jobshop is on the website and you can search for jobs that are seeking students for work study and non work study positions. My freshman year I announced sporting events. Yeah, I was that girl that read the line up for the teams, announced the score at half time or between innings, and thanked the fans for supporting the teams. I announced volleyball, baseball, softball, and field hockey.  It was fun, I got to meet other students and athletes and it helped me get over my stage fright fear (definitely can’t be shy for that gig!). My sophomore year I decided to apply to something more consistent. I worked in the History Department making copies a couple hours a day which meant, making copies for 5 minutes and doing my homework for the rest of time. It was a fantastic job because it gave me time to do my homework. Yet some people don’t have hours at a time to get a job so there are other opportunities to earn money. My roommate from freshman year got a job riding the Eagle Run bus for a collective of 3 hours a week making sure that the driver was on time. Also ushers are needed at plays and they have hired students to move boxes from one building to another once a week.

Broke and looking for free things to do?
Lots of clubs and organizations on campus are always having free events going on throughout the week and weekend. On thursdays, jitterbugs have game nights, open mic nights, and grocery bingo nights which give students the opportunity to win free things like grocery items! Throughout the semester Recreational Services put on sporting events/ tournaments such as Wally Ball, Sport trivia night, Broomball tournaments, and indoor soccer tournaments. There are also movie nights for a relaxing night! Last spring semester, when the weather was nice, BSG set up a large projector outside and played The Hangover. Students brought blankets and snacks to watch the movie outside!

There are plenty of jobs and free activities to do on campus so you don’t always have to worry about $$$$$$$$$$$$$

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