Meeting Mac

If there is one thing I have come to truly look forward to when it comes to Brockport, it is the concerts and guest speakers that Brockport Student Government (BSG) brings to campus!  In the fall I had the pleasure of seeing Cute Is What We Aim For and Motion City Soundtrack in concert.  Concerts are typically held in the Tuttle South gymnasium.  You can purchase your ticket with a student identification card at the BSG Box Office located in the Student Union.  For most concerts and events, you can also purchase one guest ticket.  In the winter, Lupe Fiasco came and performed.  Sadly, I was unable to attend but heard nothing but good things about the performance.  Throughout the year many students have created different Facebook pages, attempting to get the attention of BSG.  They wanted to let BSG know which artists they wanted to see perform here on campus.  Boy did they listen!!  Last month I received an invite on Facebook to see MAC MILLER perform here at Brockport.  If you do not know who he is, you cannot understand my excitement.  Just know that as a huge fan, I was extremely excited.  Students were lined up to buy their ticket before the Box Office even opened up.  I personally stood in line for 1 hour and a half.  BSG is really good at ensuring that ticket pricing is affordable for the typical college budget.  My ticket to see Mac Miller was only $10.  Even more exciting, this time around, BSG held a raffle that allowed students to enter for a chance to meet Mac Miller!  I could not pass up the chance.  I bought 10 tickets and crossed my fingers that by some stroke of luck my ticket would be drawn.  It only took a few days before the phone rang and the BSG representative on the other end of the line let me know that I had won and would be meeting Mac Miller.  The concert itself was wonderful.  B. Martin and White Panda performed as openers for Mac Miller.  While they may not be as popular, it was evident that the crowd enjoyed each performance.  After the concert, I waited along with a few other students to meet Mac Miller.  It was a wonderful experience that I would not trade for the world.  I am so glad that Brockport allowed me the opportunity and that BSG has been able to work within their means to bring artists like those we have seen this year!  In just two weeks Bill Nye The Science Guy will be visiting our campus as a guest speaker.  Tickets to this event were free and seemed to “sell out” faster than it takes to say “Bill Nye” five times fast.  I look forward to seeing what other guests and performers BSG brings to Brockport over the next three years!

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