Helloooo 2012!

Hi! I’m Valerie and a Junior here at Brockport. I’m a Psychology major and a Women and Gender Studies minor. This is my first semester as a Student Ambassador but I am definitely LOVING IT. I’m also a Resident Assistant in Perry Hall and an Office Assistant in Career Services. On the side, I’m taking part in the Leadership Development Program and and still finding time for homework and friends. I’ve learned that college is a fun and exciting roller coaster. Not only do you meet new people everyday, but Brockport offers such great opportunities for getting involved.

As a Freshman, I was a little intimidated going to events and clubs since I didn’t know anyone. I didn’t even meet my roommate until move-in day. Thankfully, we became best friends and could go to dinner every night together. Once I started my job in Career Services, I met so many new students and felt more confident about getting involved. Sophomore year I applied to be a Resident Assistant and started the position Fall semester of my Junior year. This was the biggest step in meeting people. I couldn’t imagine what college would be like if I never took the opportunities offered by Brockport. As of right now, I’m applying to study abroad! I can’t even begin to tell you how Brockport has helped me build my self-confidence. So, take this advice and get out there! I know cozying up in the dorm is always nice, but don’t forget to go to events like Late Night with Ellsworth and programs put on in your hall! You’ll meet amazing people who are in the same boat as you.

Best of luck! Enjoy Brockport!

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