Super busy!

It is the second week of classes and I am already crazy busy! I am taking 19.5 credits this semester, 17.5 of classes and a 2 credit internship. On top of that I work 25-30 hours a week and am involved in a bunch of different programs to help me develop my leadership skills and engage with my peers as much as I can on campus!  I love to be busy because I don’t want to waste away my Undergrad years and look back just to be disappointed that I wasn’t involved. In a few weeks we are having our winter concert which is Mac Miller this year! It should be a lot of fun, but the line for tickets was incredible! They certainly have enough tickets for everyone, but my roommate had to wait in line for an hour and a half. That’s pretty typical though. The tickets are super cheap and you could even bring a guest if you wanted! I really can’t wait for that because I will be able to get my mind off of work and classes and really enjoy myself.

So far, this semester of classes has been really fun. I finally get to take almost all Recreation and Leisure courses which is my major. I am finishing up my last general education requirements in one course this semester and then I can continue on with my major and minor. One of my classes we play games A LOT and the professor really know how to engage the class and keep us moving so that we don’t get bored. 

Right now though, I am sitting in my office hours as the Student Director for the Student Ambassador Program. We have only just begun the semester, but I am having so much fun already. If only I could get some sleep… but that’s a topic for a different day!  

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