Hello! My name is Brad and I am a Freshman here at The College at Brockport. I am pursuing double majors in meteorology and water resources. I am from Cleveland, Ohio my hobbies include bowling, photography and of course paying attention to the weather. If you are like me and live away from the Rochester / Buffalo / Syracuse area you may never even have heard about this college until you started applying to schools. In my search for meteorology programs (on Google) around the country I was very excited to find a school that was only four hours from home. I ended up talking my dad into taking me on a tour of Brockport during school my junior year in high school. This was the best decision I have ever made! This school had everything I was looking for. Its a relatively small school, in a rural environment (coming from Ohio it was my comfort zone), there were tons of clubs, sports (I’m not athletic but its enjoyable to watch), and activities that were being offered. Not to mention all of the help that the campus promised to have for me Academically and otherwise. Going away for college is a new and exhilarating experience and Brockport gave me all the resources for starting this journey of my life in the right way and headed in the right direction. I am here to show you all what it is like to go through those experiences on the Brockport campus with photos, videos, and of course good old fashion writing.

Also follow me on twitter: @BPort_Brad


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