What Being A Golden Eagle Is All About

Hey everyone! My name is Emily Derrenbacher and I am a freshman at SUNY Brockport. I am from Syracuse (so I am used to all of the snow we get in Brockport).  I am an English major with adolescent inclusive education intent. If all goes well, I will be part of the Education Department at the beginning of my junior year.  I plan to become a special education teacher after graduation.

I try to stay busy and be involved on campus as much as possible. I am a member of the Teachers of Tomorrow Living Learning Community and the Vice President of the Residence council in my building. On campus I also enjoy going to the concerts, sporting events, midnight movies at the Strand,  ice-skating on Friday nights, and late night phone calls to Calzonies.

I am here to give you all a new look at Brockport through the eyes of a student  just like you. I’ll be blogging, taking pictures, videos, and tweeting (@BPORT_Emily) about the faces and places that make Brockport an amazing place to spend 4 important years. I’d love to have a chance to help all of you future students see what being a Golden Eagle is all about!

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