Spring Semester 2012!!!

I’m Allie Donovan, a coffee obsessed  junior at Brockport, originally from a super small town called Clinton (20 minutes outside of Utica). Entering college, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to major in. I thought about math, sociology, biology…and I ended up deciding on a major in psychology and recently declaring another major in health science. Hopefully, if everything pans out right, I want to be a health psychologist.

On campus, I am involved in a lot of different activities such as Student Ambassador, Peer mentor program, a research assistant for a psychology lab,  and various intramural sports. Becoming involved is my number one survival tip: its a way to meet tons of different people, it gets your name out, and you are able to meet future references for networking when looking for a job.

Aside from academics and clubs, I enjoy playing basketball, seeing movies at the Strand for only a dollar at midnight on various friday nights & getting chinese food with my friends at the Kitchen Express in town.

2 thoughts on “Spring Semester 2012!!!

  1. Hi Allie! I’m going to be transferring to Brockport in the fall as a junior and I’m majoring for Psychology also! I’m just wondering what did you have to do to be an assistant in the research lab and what kind of research do you do there?

  2. Hey!! its awesome that you’re interested in being a research assistant! I would recommend that you look up the psych professors interests and see if any match yours and then go to their office and ask them if they need any research assistants. I think doing it in person rather than email is best because it shows them that you really want the position! Good Luck! if you have any more questions feel free to ask!!

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