Are You New Here?

Hello there. My name is Ellen.  I’m a freshman here at SUNY Brockport and I’m here to help YOU! Here at Brockport I am majoring in Political Science/Pre-Law. Yes, I do want to be a Lawyer and a Politician. I’m a southerner, from Virginia.  So how did I end up at Brockport?  That’s a wonderful question.  The summer before my senior year I received an e-mail. It was one of those where you wonder if your spam filter just missed it and maybe you should just hit delete without opening it…but I opened it.  I’m sure glad I did!  It was from Major Fletcher, recruitment officer for the Brockport Army ROTC program.  I’m at Brockport because I was recruited to be a freagle (or freedom eagle as us ROTC cadets call ourselves).  If you’re interested in the military, ROTC is the way to go!  You won’t regret it.  Since being on campus I have found a few other ways to be involved.  I was elected Treasurer of the Marketing Club and am now sitting here writing a blog, tweeting and taking videos as part of a program which allows YOU to have a raw look at what Brockport is like on a day-to-day basis.  If you haven’t already, follow me on Twitter: @bport_ellen. I am also involved in the Honors Program here on campus.  It’s a wonderful way to have classes that are a bit more enriched and much smaller!  I have a class with only 9 kids.  Who would have thought?!  Well, that’s enough about me for now.  Look forward to being of some help to YOU over the course of the year and I hope I can add to why YOU should choose Brockport!

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