Transfer Student Q&A

Two of our bloggers, seniors Derick Abbey and NancyLea Illsley, began their Brockport journeys a couple years after the majority of their classmates, when they transferred in from other colleges. Here, they offer their perspectives on making that adjustment — and why they’re glad they did. 

How easy did you feel it was to adjust to life at Brockport and get involved on campus?

Derick: I found it very easy to adjust on campus. There is a life to the campus in the fall after everyone is getting back from summer, and I found it awesome to be around. And getting involved on campus is easy. I went to Club Craze and got the information for, like, 20 clubs. I only joined 2 in the end, but that is because I was extremely busy. I also got slowly involved with other clubs after I made friends that were involved with them — so, make friends and try to get involved.

NancyLea: Getting involved on campus wasn’t hard at all. I lived in Bramley Hall and happened to live in the RA’s suite, so she took me to Club Craze. There are so many clubs! I was overwhelmed and signed up for everything. My advice: only sign up for what you’re actually interested in.

Adjusting to life at Brockport was a little bit harder for me. I missed all of my friends from my other school, and people here were different than what I was used to. I did make friends with my suitemate the first night I got here. She invited me to a party at her sorority house. She ended up being a really good friend for a little while. She introduced me to all of the people I am still very close to.

The classes weren’t harder, but they were bigger and sometimes felt less personable. I function better in a smaller setting, but they weren’t overwhelmingly huge.

How seamless was the transferring of credits from your previous college?

Derick: I went to another SUNY school before here, so all my credits transferred. It was great. I thought I would have to take some extra classes, but they all fit in well.

NancyLea: Most credits transferred over no problem, but there were some that didn’t, and that’s keeping me here for an extra semester. I had to take a couple of classes that were VERY similar to those I took at my other institution (SUNY Delhi).

In what way(s) has your Brockport experience been an improvement upon your previous institution?

NancyLea: Everything is in town or within walking distance. At my other school, we had to drive a half hour to get anything good. Food places here close late. And Brockport offered more options for majors, and I could add a minor.

Derick: I get more of a sense of community here in Brockport, so the atmosphere is great. I feel more at home here than I ever thought I would. Also, the professors care so much more here; they really want to see you succeed, and if you need help, they are there for you.

What’s your favorite thing about Brockport?

NancyLea: The beautiful landscape — there is the Erie Canal running right through town, and there are roaring flat fields of flowers, corn, or hay. It’s beautiful in all seasons but most beautiful in the spring. Brockport is not too small, but it’s not too big either. It’s a nice suburban college town.

Derick: My favorite thing is 89.1 The Point, our on-campus radio station. It has given me a chance to expand my knowledge before I enter into the real world. It also has become a home away from home for me. I have made friends here that I want to keep for life, and I will always cherish that.

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A Day in the Life of Brockport Students: Tuesday, April 17

From whenever they wake up this morning through till whenever they call it a night, the bloggers are chronicling their entire day for you. It’s your inside look at what a typical day in Brockport student life is like.

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The Return of “Day in the Life”

On Tuesday, April 17, the Winging It bloggers will chronicle their entire day on social media to showcase the many facets that make up a day in the life of a Brockport student. Follow along on Twitter using #bportlife, and check out their takeover of the College’s Snapchat, @collegeatbport.

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ICYMI: Recapping a Busy “Day in the Life”

Whether studying at 1 am or rolling out of bed at 10; living on campus or off; working, writing, eating, or hanging out with friends, our bloggers’ stories are all pieces of a busy day in Brockport student life. They captured the action throughout the day on November 20 on Twitter using #bportlife, to create a snapshot of what the Brockport student experience is like. We’ve compiled the entire feed on our #bportlife webpage.

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Happy DITL!

Our “Day in the Life” coverage on Twitter (#bportlife) and Snapchat (@collegeatbport) is well underway! Follow the action throughout the day to get an inside look at what Brockport life is like for our students.

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Alumnus Jim Mignano’s “Rising” PR Career Launched at Brockport

Former Winging It blogger Jim Mignano graduated from Brockport in December 2013 and works as a senior account executive at Text100’s Rochester office. An active member of the Public Relations Society of America’s Rochester chapter (PRSA Rochester), he was recently honored with its Rising Star Award, which, as defined by the organization, “recognizes a public relations professional, with no more than seven years of experience in the field, who demonstrates exceptional competence, skill and leadership potential.”

Blog moderator Val Dimino chatted with Jim about this accomplishment and the path that led him to it:

PRSA Rochester’s Rising Star Award is a huge honor. What’s most exciting to you about being this year’s recipient?

The most exciting part of winning this year’s Rising Star Award was the number of people at the ceremony who had helped me develop and grow as a professional throughout my career.

Before graduating from Brockport, I had completed internships at Break the Ice Media, George Eastman House, Carestream Health and Text100. At each of those stops, I was lucky enough to work with people in the communications world that answered every question I asked and taught me everything they could about public relations. This group of trusted colleagues became my “work family,” and I owe so much of what I’ve been able to accomplish as a young professional to them.

What is your day-to-day work life like?

I’m a consultant at Text100, a global marketing communications agency. I work in public relations and social media with companies including Xerox, Conduent and Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices.

I spend most of my days pitching story ideas to reporters, writing blog posts and managing social media accounts. I also love contributing to Text100’s marketing and new business efforts.

We like to play hard at Text100, too — so we always find time for a weekly kickball game, the occasional happy hour and our annual holiday party!

How did your undergraduate career as a student at The College at Brockport prepare you and contribute to your being honored with the Rising Star Award?

I always love telling people the story of my first PR course as a freshman at Brockport. On the first day, our professor asked us to take out a piece of paper and write down the definition of PR — and I had to look at the paper of the student next to me, or I would have gotten it wrong!

After that first day, I learned so much at Brockport. Of course my courses taught me the basics of communication theory and public relations practices. But more importantly, my professors inspired me to set goals for myself and work hard to accomplish them.

My professors also did a great job of connecting me with PR professionals in the area so I could continue learning outside of classes and begin developing my professional network. My time as a student at Brockport gave me a major head start on my career!

One of the award criteria is using your talents to give back to the community. In what ways has your work allowed you to do so?

Throughout my career, I’ve enjoyed volunteering with PRSA Rochester on its Young PR Professionals committee. I’ve also served on the organization’s board of directors as its webmaster, president and past-president.

The best part of these volunteering efforts is that I’m able to meet students from local colleges each year and help them connect with the Rochester PR community to learn more about the field, find a mentor, and ultimately land a job in the field after they graduate.

What advice do you have for current Brockport students who hope to pursue a career in public relations? 

The most important advice I could give is to take advantage of all the time you have as a student and use that time to get ahead in your chosen field. Go above and beyond the tasks assigned by your professors — get out into the “real world” and connect with a mentor in the field to learn the ropes and figure out what parts of the job you love. The best part is that there are so many people on campus who are excited to help connect you with potential mentors, including professors, department chairs and career services professionals.

For those seeking a career in communications or public relations, it’s critical to practice your writing skills! By writing something every single day, you will build better writing habits and develop a natural tone of voice that will pay dividends later in your career.

Brockport’s Best

Check out the listicle the bloggers put together of the 47 things they feel all Brockport students should experience. A few examples are included below.

What did we miss? Let us know by commenting here, tweeting using #bportbest, or connecting with us on Facebook. We’d love for the list to continue to grow!

Attend a reading from a visiting author through the Writers Forum
Over 50 years, the series has brought more than 500 authors to campus to read from their work and chat with students and the community. The guests have collectively received 40 Pulitzer Prizes, 26 National Book Awards, and five Nobel Prizes for Literature.

Try one of our 40+ intramural/club sports

Club rugby

Have a conversation with an international student

Meet the president
Dr. Heidi Macpherson, who took office in July 2015 and is the College’s first female president, is actively involved in campus life and attends countless events each week, so you’re sure to cross paths with her.

President Macpherson and students at the Senior Toast

Pick up a good used book for cheap in the basement of Lift Bridge Book Shop

See the full list on The Port, the College’s news website.

“Day in the Life” is back!

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