Meaningful mid-day break

Elaina Mancuso—Something I occasionally struggle with is focusing in the late afternoon, especially after eating lunch. Instead of staring a computer screen and doing a whole lot of nothing for an hour, I’m dedicating 15 minutes of my time to refocus. The office is equipped with tons of interesting reading material on current industry and…

Busy Day

Finished editing my thesis proposal just in time for work #brockportlife pic.twitter.com/co7IVYgim4 — Lynn Carson (@bport_caitlyn) April 24, 2014


Mac and Cheese, chicken nuggets AND curly fries? That'll do, Brockway. That'll do. #brockportlife pic.twitter.com/mOlVtGAne9 — Spencer Linsner (@bport_Spencer) April 24, 2014 2nd favorite cafe for lunch. #brockportlife pic.twitter.com/TjqGjWgS4B — Alex (@Bport_Alex) April 24, 2014 Heading back to Brockway for lunch! #pumped #herewego #delicious #brockportlife — Liz Herrmann (@Bport_LizHerrm) April 24, 2014 Not my choice…

During Class

Lynn Carson—A woman in my class told us she was in labor for three days I NEVER WANT TO HEAR ABOUT HOW MY MOM WAS “CUT OPEN LIKE A PIG ON A SPIT” EVER AGAIN


Day In The Life: Construction

Spencer Linsner—Prospective students, something to keep in mind: I hope you enjoy chain-link fences and the sound of power tools, because chances are wherever you go to college, there will be construction going on, and Brockport is no exception. Above is a picture of Lathrop hall, undergoing some major renovations in order to house the…